Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Renovations: Changing the Layout

The most important decision you face is whether or not to change the layout you now have. Replacing the sink, tub and fixtures are standard, but moving them requires a lot more planning and work.

Changing the layout usually requires relocating the plumbing, which is not always easy to do. We also need to make sure gravity pulls the wastewater to the main house drain (sometimes we have to get creative to make this happen). These considerations add extra time and materials to the project, and if you want to keep costs as low as possible, plan on keeping the components where they are.

You might also be thinking about changing the dimensions of the room, maybe expanding the space a little. This calls for careful examination of the space you want to expand into, especially the framing, electrical and plumbing components in the wall that will be affected.

Other Critical Decisions

In addition to space and dimensions, you need to think about what you are replacing in the bathroom. Are you getting a new vanity, toilet and sink? Are you changing the tub into a shower stall? Do you need a new fan to bring your house up to code?

Setting a Timeline for Your Renovation

Good planning is key for a fast, efficient bathroom renovation. We make sure all materials have arrived before starting work, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary delays. We will schedule our plumbers and electricians to come the day after the demolition, ready to work their magic.

If all aspects of the job are well planned and no unexpected problems pop up, your bathroom remodel could take as little as one or two weeks. More complicated projects could take as many as five weeks, and there is always a chance we will find rot as we pull out old material, especially when removing the bathtub or toilet. This usually sets the project back just a few hours.

Bathroom remodels are complex jobs, but they don’t have to be overwhelming for you. If you reach out to us with a sense of what you want, we can get you into a gorgeous new bathroom that much quicker.